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Mount Harriet National Park

The Mount Harriet National Park is one of the closest wilderness area to the capital Port Blair was notified in the year 1996. The Park contains some of the highest peaks in the Andaman group of Islands and is covered with dense evergreen and semi-evergreen forests of outstanding natural beauty. The entire national park with area of 46.62 sq.km forms a major chunk of the hill ranges in the eastern park of South Andaman Island.

Mount Harriet

"A Bird Watchers Paradise"

The park supports all mojor forest types found in the Andaman namely evergreen Forests (with five sub-types-Giant Evergreen forests, Andaman Tropical Evergreen Forests, South Hilltop Tropical evergreen, Cane Brakes and Bamboo Brakes), Andaman Semi-evergreen Forests, Andaman Moist Deliduous Forests and Littoral Forests.

So far 393 Plant species have been reported from the park which include 74 endemic and 51 indroduced speicies. Two new Species of Plants have recently been described from here, viz., ceropygie andamanica and drypeter ellis. An ephiphytic orchid-Thrixspermum merguense is new record for Andaman from the Park.


  • The Park is a accessible from Port Blair via Bambooflat jetty the Park Entrance is about 6 kms. Bambooflat can be reached from Port blair by ferry service or by road journey. The ferry services from chatham and Phoenix bay jetties take about 15 and 20 minutes respectively. The road link is via sippyghat and chouldari and it takes about an hour to cover approximately 40 km Distance.
Mount Harriet
Mount Harriet

This National Park is equally rich in faunal wealth. There are:

27 species of reptiles and amphibians reported from the park, including 12 endemic species. A new species of frog namely- Rana charrlesdarwini has been described from the park. King cobra, Andaman cobra and two nesting marine turtle- Green sea and olive ridley are amoung the prominent reptiles reported from here.

12 species of mammals reported form the park including endemic Andaman Pig,Shrew and Bats.

9ospecies of birds of which 11 are endemic. The park is recognized as one of the important bird areas under important Bird Areas programme of the Bird-life International.

120 species of Butterflies and Moths including many new species are found here.

Havelock Island

Trekk route

The Park has Watch Tower, Children Park, Resgt House and Tourist Amenties close to Mount Harriet peak. A well maintained nature trail connects Kala Pathar view point with the Rest House Complex. There is also nature trail from Hope Town to the park which is about 40 km long.

New trakk route from Mt.Harriet to North bay via Mt.Carpenter is opened for tourist but can be done only with proper permission and guidance during fair weather season from november-April.

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